Our Service: The Cause-MOOC

What we Do Best


By teaming up with your nonprofit organizations, you will reach higher levels of prosperity without the troubles of vertical integration. Instead, we help by engaging and inspiring businesses and the community, training them to expand the reach of your charitable purpose. 

The Process

Our Six Steps for Creating a Cause-MOOC


6. Review & Analyze

Use metrics to figure out the success of the campaign and education


1. Define Learning Content

Design and structure the cause campaign and program content

5. Guide Learners

Mentor the students to strive for the learning content and the campaign’s success

2. Production

Find out which learning formats and tools will best serve the cause and educational goals


4. Create & Launch the Marketing Strategy

Determine how to generate interest in the cause and increase course registrations

Integrating Technology

Format the platform to fit the campaign and its course content

Cause-MOOC Product-Market Fit

We strive to maintain a “product-market fit” for every Cause-MOOC we develop. Our six-step development process ensures that there is demand for the cause and the education provided on the platform. 

Each Cause-MOOC

is the beginnings of a social cooperative

In Italy, a social cooperative seeks to integrate marginalized people into the labor market. Additionally, they support geographies not worthwhile to mainstream businesses, and they offer higher quality and more responsive social services because of how beneficiaries are involved. Through Cause-MOOCs, Routes Maker will position volunteers, businesses, employees, nonprofit organizations, and governments in a mutually beneficial social cooperatives.

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